Volunteers and volunteering at Wesley

The Wesley relies heavily on its committed team of volunteers. In fact, most of the work of the charity is carried out by volunteers.
We recruit people to work in our shop, on our vans collecting & delivering items, managing stock, or working in the office - there are plenty of jobs to do!
Most of our volunteers work Mon-Fri (which gives full work experience AND helps operations) but we have some people who come in once or twice a week.
Part of the ethos of the Wesley has always been that people involved in the charity should be given the opportunity to develop new skills: on-the-job, or/& with formal short courses such as computer training, health and safety, or first aid. The aim is to give people something worthwhile to do whilst giving them a new start, a change of direction, or a help on or up; people can just be between jobs, at the start or end of careers, or needing an opportunity after taking some wrong turns (including at times ex-offenders).
If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, click here to apply or call in at our Lloyd Street Shop.

If you are registered unemployed, you can ask at your local Job Centre about Voluntary & Community Sector work experience placements.


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